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The Hole Story

Hole Details

*Signature Holes

Hole 1: Ashes to Ashes

Par 4, 521 feet

Ashes to Ashes is an attackable 521 foot Par 4 that plays uphill through a manicured prairie grass meadow.  A massive Ash tree with wide boughs sits about 100 feet off the tee.  Fully commit to your left or right line or your disc will get turned to dust. Tall prairie grass lines the wide fairway, and will leave you a difficult upshot if your disc goes astray.  The basket sits in the middle of a large green encircled by prairie grass with a tough guardian tree on the right waiting for another dust up.

Hole 1 Sign.jpg

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Hole 2: Bodark

Par 3, 501 feet

Bodark is a challenging 501 foot Par 3 with a tee shot sandwiched between tall prairie grass below and a low ceiling of scraggly branches overhead.  If you clear this initial window, the wide, downhill sloping fairway invites massive drives.  The approach to the green is littered with guardian trees on the left and dense woods on the right.  Approach carefully as overshooting the basket could send your disc careening down a densely wooded ravine.

Hole 2 Sign.jpg

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Hole 3: Tunnel Vision*

Par 4, 428 feet

The fairway view from this stunner will leave you with Tunnel Vision.  One of Knockwood’s signature holes, this daunting 428 foot Par 4 gains nearly twenty feet of elevation as your disc climbs the longest, tightest tunnel in the region.  The mouth of the tunnel opens up into a wide fairway with dense tree line on the left and several guardian trees short and right of the basket.  Birdie is in play, but a wicked tree kick on your drive could have you seeing double...bogey that is.

Hole 3 Sign.jpg

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Hole 4: Rocky Ridge*

Par 3, 227 feet

Another signature hole, Rocky Ridge offers one of the most scenic views on the property.  Elevated three stories on a bluff overlooking Dry Creek, this 227 foot Par 3 features a steep descent down an old mountain bike trail through narrow tree gaps.  If you clear the gap, you are putting for birdie on a picturesque green straight out of Fern Gully with full canopy overhead.  This area will flood during high rain events, so make sure to check conditions when planning your round.

*Voted Best Hole 4 in Wichita Area

Hole 4 Sign.jpg

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Hole 5: Knockwood

Par 3, 258 feet

Our namesake hole, Knockwood is a deceptively difficult 258 foot Par 3.  The drive plays slightly uphill with multiple large guardian trees blocking access to the primary fairway.  The widest gap favors forehand and backhand annhyzer throws.  Tree hits generate a unique knock that echoes off the gully walls.  Getting stuck in the gully will leave you a blind upshot over a nasty ridge for your approach.  Hole may flood during high rain events.

Hole 5 Sign.jpg

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Hole 6: Dry Heave

Par 4, 390 feet

Dry Heave is a tricky Par 4 with two tee pad options.  The primary layout is a 90 degree dogleg right with a short, technical 120’ placement drive over Dry Creek to a landing area sandwiched between out of bounds.  The inner edge of the gravel road plays as out of bounds long so dial in your drive distance to avoid penalty strokes.  Follow the paved low water crossing to the left of the teepad to reach the fairway landing area on the opposite side.  Flip around and play Hole 6 teepad to Hole 14 basket for a fun shorted course layout.

Hole 6 Sign.jpg

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Hole 6 Alt Sign.jpg

Hole 7: The Gauntlet

Par 4, 494 feet

Tucked back in a narrow hollow, the teepad placement on this bruiser forces immediate conflict with multiple guardian trees standing ready for combat.  Tight gaps and a low ceiling will force some uncomfortable, creative drives if you want to have a clear second shot at either basket placement.  The shorter Par 3 pin placement is attackable, but the longer Par 4 placement is heavily protected by a Gauntlet of mature trees.  

Hole 7 Sign.jpg

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Hole 8: Wally

Par 4, 527 feet

A rock wall runs down the left side of the fairway all the way to the basket on this 527 foot Par 4, with the inner edge of the gravel road playing as out of bounds on the right.  The broad fairway narrows to a sliver for the final 150 feet, pinched between Wally on the left and the gravel road out of bounds on the right.  More than a dozen trees obstruct your final approach, forcing long carries over out of bounds or creative upshots through the eye of the needle to reach the basket.

*Voted Best Hole 8 in Wichita Area

Hole 8 Sign.jpg

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Hole 8 Alt Sign.jpg

Hole 9: Walnut Alley*

Par 3, 355 feet

This signature Par 3 is a magnificent canopied 355 foot tunnel shot through a walnut grove with a low ceiling guarding the final approach to the basket.  The fall season is when this hole really shines as the ground cover and canopy turn a vibrant, golden yellow color.  The tee pad sits two feet lower than the fairway and will trick your brain into thinking the basket is farther away than it is.  A small brushy island trap sits just off the left side of the fairway to strand any short right hand backhand shots if you hyzer out too early.

Hole 9 Sign.jpg

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Hole 10: Log Jam

Par 3, 289 feet

Alright lumberjacks, it’s time to go to work.  Paul Bunyan would be proud of this beastly 289 Foot Par 3 featuring a tight gap through the timbers with multiple downed logs that trap any low throws and impede your progress up the fairway.  One of the grittiest Par 3’s at Knockwood, Logjam will test your technical prowess as you split the seams through the forest on your way to basket.  Dial in the treejectory, or pile up that stroke count.

Hole 10 Sign.jpg

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Hole 11: Sticks and Stones

Par 3, 257 feet

Sticks and Stones may break your bones, but birds will never hurt you.  This short 257 foot Par 3 has birdie written all over it…if you can traverse a track through the treacherous timbers entrapping the tee box.  Staring into the belly of the first available tree you’ll think to yourself “there is no line here.”  We promise there is.  Think flippy or flicky.  The back half of the fairway opens up nicely and finishes with a protected basket nestled into a beautiful rock outcropping.

Hole 11 Sign.jpg

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Hole 12: Ridgeline

Par 4, 420 feet

See the gap, not the trees.  This 420 foot Par 4 traverses the wooded Ridgeline that bisects the back half of the course.  The fairway runs straight through a narrow initial tree gap then drifts right and widens out slightly as you progress towards the basket.  Low lying brush on the outer edges keeps trees from kicking your disc down the rocky slopes on either side.  Precision will be rewarded, but coloring outside the "lines" here will put some red on your permanent record.

Hole 12 Sign.jpg

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Hole 13: The Briar Patch

Par 3, 231 feet

This one can be a little…prickly.  The gorgeous tee box for this 231 foot Par 3 sits on an elevated embankment overlooking a large grass landing.  Foliage frames a narrow window off the tee making the driving distance a little difficult to judge.  It’s an easy carry over The Briar Patch, but catching a branch and dropping early is sure to poke holes in your scorecard.

Hole 13 Sign.jpg

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Hole 14: Hang a Louie

Par 3, 298 feet

Hang a Louie’s beautifully landscaped L-shaped tee pad pulls double duty as an alternate for Hole 6. This Par 3 hole is only 298 feet but plays longer with the elevation gain to reach the basket on top of the embankment.  Driving the double mando is straightforward.  The perfect placement shot at the base of the ridge will have you hunting birdies.  Missing wide left brings the gravel path out of bounds into play.  Missing right will dump you in tall grass rough or a densely wooded slope with no clean shot to the basket.

Hole 14 Sign.jpg

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Hole 15: Nature's Revenge

Par 4, 360 feet

Mother Nature’s wrath is on full display with this wicked 360 foot Par 4.  Despite the short distance, over 100 trees obstruct your path down the split figure eight shaped fairway.  Adding insult to injury, putting on the tiny elevated green is totally exposed to the erratic Kansas winds whipping across Santa Fe Lake.  Thick rough just behind the basket obstructs any comeback putts if you get aggressive and miss long.  Take your medicine, and be happy if Nature’s Revenge lets you leave without any red on your scorecard. 

Hole 15 Sign.jpg

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Hole 16: Panorama

Par 3, 257 feet

After knocking your way through our woods for the past six holes, sprawling Panorama views of Santa Fe Lake will leave you in awe (especially at sunset).  With no trees really in play, this 257 foot Par 3 will get your ace run juices flowing, but don’t count your birdies before they have hatched.  The massive peninsula green looks friendly enough, but you might need a fish eye lens if you snap a wide angle. D'you get the picture?

Hole 16 Sign.jpg

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Hole 17: That Dam Hole

Par 4, 561 feet

The water carry on this 561 foot Par 4 will have you cursing That Dam Hole.  When the lake is up, liquid H20 surrounds the peninsula tee pad.  With waves lapping at your feet, your only escape is a heave over open water to a blind, elevated fairway on top of the dam.  This is a true risk/reward scenario.  Misjudge and your disc will plunge to the bottom of Davy Jones’ locker.  The massive fairway on That Dam Hole funnels you to a protected green tucked in the woods on the left.

Hole 17 Sign.jpg

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Hole 18: Down and Out*

Par 3, 355 feet

The toughest Par 3 on the course, this parabolic shaped 355 foot fairway will leave you contemplating your life choices.  From highest high to lowest low, your journey at Knockwood is approaching its climactic end.  Starting at the tee pad on top of the dam, your disc must split a tight double mando before its rapid descent into the gulch.  Once you hit rock bottom, the only way out from there is up.  It’s going to be an uphill battle, but it ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side…it’s the climb…to the glorious final basket.

Hole 18 Sign.jpg

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