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What's in a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.” Uttered by Juliet in Shakespeare’s masterpiece, the profound question implies that the name we give to a thing does not really impact the fundamental nature of the thing itself. In other words, the rose smells the same if we call it rose, flower, plant, or colorful weed. Likewise, our new disc golf course would play the same and be just as fun whether we called it Santa Fe Lake Disc Golf Course, Augusta Disc Golf Course No. 2, or assigned it no name at all. So why call it “Knockwood”?

Knockwood is not just a superficial moniker but an expression of the deep connection that unifies us when playing disc golf at Santa Fe Lake. The physical sights, sounds, texture, and smells of the course are all captured in its name. Mother Nature’s voice reverberates into the open air with every disc that knocks into the first available tree. She encourages “great try, better luck next time.” She playfully teases “that line does not exist, keep searching.” She raucously taunts “I will not be conquered today, and all shall know you failed.” Knockwood is the great equalizer. Knockwood is our humbling. Mother Nature rewards your disciplined technical prowess, not with fanfare, but with quiet serenity as if you were not even playing at all. When you can speak to her without being spoken to, your dominion is truly absolute and you may call it what you wish. Until then…Knockwood!



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