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WAMPL Championship at Knockwood

Knockwood - Santa Fe Lake was honored to host the championship match for the Wichita Area Match Play League (WAMPL) yesterday evening between Ronnie Unruh and Jordan Schafer. Spoiler Alert...we're not going to tell you who won. Go check out Lucas Deal's live stream video and commentary on his Facebook page or Wichita KS Disc Golf Facebook page to watch the whole event and see the result. We can say that it was a super competitive back and forth match and these two great players battled it out all the way to Hole 17. It came down to a single putt, and a single twig. Who do you think took it?

Such a cool experience watching these local pros carve up the course. We sweetened the pot a little bit and chose to reward the winner with an annual pass to Knockwood - Santa Fe Lake for the remainder of the 2023 season. Thank you to Ronnie and Jordan for a great time and for Lucas entertaining us with his video commentary and helping to share Knockwood with the world. Appreciate you guys! Hope to see you again.



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