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These are the Top (5) Hardest Holes at Knockwood

Here is a list of the top 5 hardest holes at Knockwood (number 1 might surprise you). With endless amounts of trees, tight tunnels, crazy elevation shots, and multiple water carries, there is no shortage of challenging holes at Knockwood - Santa Fe Lake. After more than 115 rounds registered on UDisc in its first three days open, these are the top 5 hardest holes at Knockwood according to player scores:

Number 5:

Hole 15: Nature's Revenge (+0.87 over par)

It's called "Nature's Revenge" and not "Nature's Handshake" for a reason guys. With over 100 trees between the tee pad and the fairway, players are destined to knock some wood on this hole. Extremely narrow throwing lanes force you to scramble and use your creativity to reach this green. Putting is no picnic either with the winds whipping off the lake from the west.

Number 4:

Hole 7: The Gauntlet Short Pin (+0.88 over par)

The Gauntlet's early guardian trees are proving to be capable protectors. Low ceilings and tight throwing lanes force some creative drives off the tee, but getting enough distance is a big challenge when you can't air it out.

Number 3:

Hole 3: Tunnel Vision (+0.94 over par)

At 4.94 Avg., Hole 3 Tunnel Vision is technically the highest scoring hole at Knockwood. With par set at a generous four strokes, however, it only ranks as the third hardest hole. The picture speaks for itself. If we have to explain why this hole is tough, you might need to upgrade your prescription.

Number 2:

Hole 2: Bodark (+1.07 over par)

This one comes as a bit of surprise, but Hole 2 Bodark is currently trending as the second hardest on the course. At 501', this is a long Par 3 geared towards big power throwers, but the downhill drive shaves some of that distance. The distance, left-to-right shot shape, and tucked away green seem to be giving players fits thus far.

Number 1:

Hole 18: Down and Out (+1.16 over par)

Go figure, the biggest elevation change hole on the course has proven the greatest nemesis to a bunch of Kansans. At 355' long with over 40' of elevation drop from tee pad to fairway and tough elevated basket green, the finishing hole at Knockwood really does have players questioning their life choices.



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